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In 1957...my grandfather, "Grandpa Ryan," created a seasoning blend that was so good, it stole the show wherever it went.  Grandpa was quite the showman, having built one of the most successful farm equipment manufacturing businesses of his time.  And everywhere he went, his special blend seasoning went with him.  At tradeshows, he'd cook up dozens of burgers and steaks to draw attention to his equipment displays.  And attention he got, especially for those juicy burgers that he served up!

He also built a name for his restaurant by using his special blend exclusively on the prime rib and steaks.  He used the seasoning at home, on the grill, at conventions, tradeshows, fairs, holiday celebrations and everywhere else.  He carried a small jar in his coat pocket, always on the ready to make an ordinary meal taste extraordinary.  He gave it away as gifts to friends, family, business associates, and many others.  We knew it as "Grandpa's Seasoning."

Grandpa had created the perfect blend of garlic, onion, salt, black pepper, red pepper, fresh spices and other ingredients so unique that I can guarantee you've never tasted anything like it before.  This seasoning has such a secret formulation that it was only entrusted to the closest of family members.  Our generation has continued the tradition of giving it away, selling a jar here and there, and otherwise pleasing the taste buds of anyone who tries it.  However, the response has always been the same...when can I get more, more, more!?

Inspired by Grandpa's secret recipe, Blue Ribbon ORIGINAL BLEND Seasoning is now available for you to enjoySo, get your own Blue Ribbon today.  Your family and friends will agree that you've created an award-winning masterpiece every time you cook!

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